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Accepted Merchants

Merchants accepted are - 

AMEX (American Express)

Master Card


  • All Cards must be provided on check in

  • We cannot process any payments without card holder present

  • all refunds can be claimed 5 days prior to arrival

House Rules

Guests have a set of house rules to follow:
  • Smoking is not allowed. (£100 fine)

  • £200 damage deposit.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • Parties/events are not allowed.

  • There are set quiet hours.

We accept GBP. If you wish to pay by card with your currency this then needs to be converted to GBP

Cancellation and Prepyment and Policies

Guest Information 

Flexible - 5 days

  • The guest can cancel free of charge until 5 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the total price of the reservation if they cancel in the 5 days before arrival, subject to hen the booking is made through affiliate networks or third party sites.
    If the guest doesn’t show up they will be charged the total price of the reservation.

  • The guest will be charged a prepayment of the total price of the reservation in the 5 days before arrival.

  • if booking through major sites and full payment when through our site.





1. When you make a Booking, you accept the applicable policies as displayed in the booking process. You'll find cancellation policy and any other policies (about age requirements, security/damage deposits, additional supplements for group Bookings, extra beds, breakfast, pets, cards accepted, etc.) on our Platform: on the Service Provider information pages, during the booking process, in the fine print, and/or in the confirmation email or ticket (if applicable).

2. If you cancel a Booking or don’t show up, any cancellation/no-show fee and any refund will depend on the Service Provider’s cancellation/no-show policy.

3. Guest can cancel their booking for free until 5 days before their arrival and for any cancellations after that, cancellation fee will be charged.

3. Some Bookings can’t be cancelled for free, while others can only be cancelled for free before a deadline.

4. If you book an accommodation by paying in advance (including all price components and/or a damage deposit if applicable), we may cancel the Booking without notice if they can't collect the balance on the date specified. If we do, any non-refundable payment you’ve made will only be refunded at our discretion. It's your responsibility to make sure the payment goes ahead on time (that your bank, debit card or credit card details are correct, and that there's enough money available in your account).

5. If you think you're not going to arrive on time, please contact us and tell when they we can expect you, so that we don't cancel your Booking. If you’re late, we are not liable for the consequences (e.g. the cancellation of your Booking, or any fees that we may charge).

6. As the person making the Booking, you are responsible for the actions and behaviour (in relation to the Travel Experience) of everyone in the group. You are also responsible for obtaining their permission before providing us with their personal data.

What you need to do

1. Fill in all your contact details correctly, so we can provide you with information about your Booking and, if necessary, contact you.

2. Read these Terms and the terms displayed during the booking process carefully.

3. Take care of the Accommodation and its furniture, fixtures, electronics and other contents, and leave things in the same state they were when you got there. If anything is broken, damaged or lost, make sure you report it to the staff there (as soon as you can, and certainly before you check out).

4. Maintain the security of the Accommodation and its contents during your stay. So don’t, for example, leave doors or windows unlocked.



  1. Card details should be provided while the booking is made. Any reservations without the card details are not secured and we may cancel such bookings.

  2. There is no option to pay at the property. Payments should be made by the guest before they arrive.

  3. If we requires an Upfront Payment, it may be taken or pre-authorised when you make your Booking, and it may be non-refundable


Damage policy

5. There’s a limit (which is shown while you’re booking) to how much the Service Provider can charge you under the damage policy through our Platform.

6. Any payment you make would be between the Service Provider and you – we’d just be organising it on the Service Provider’s behalf.

7. The damage policy doesn’t relate to general cleaning, ordinary wear and tear, any crimes (such as theft), or any non-physical ‘damages’ (e.g. fines for smoking or bringing pets).

8. The Service Provider might require a ‘damage deposit’ before or at check-in. If they do, we’ll tell you about it while you’re booking – but it has nothing to do with the ‘damage policy’. We won’t be involved in any financial settlement related to damage deposits.

* If there is any damage, the Service Provider can always decide to initiate a (legal) claim against you outside of the damage policy, in which case the limit (see 5 above) wouldn’t apply.


Measures against unacceptable behaviour

1. We have the right to stop you making any Bookings, to cancel any Bookings you’ve already made, and/or to stop you using our Platform, Of course, we’ll only do this if, in our opinion, there’s a good reason to - for example:

  • fraud or abuse

  • non-compliance with our values, or with applicable laws or regulations

  • inappropriate or unlawful behaviour (e.g., violence, threats, or invasion of privacy) in relation to us, any of the companies we work with – or anyone else, for that matter.

2. If we cancel a Booking as a result, you won’t be entitled to a refund. We may tell you why we've cancelled your Booking, unless telling you would (a) contravene applicable laws and/or (b) prevent or obstruct the detection or prevention of fraud or other illegal activities. If you believe we have incorrectly cancelled your Booking.


 Accessibility requests

 If you have any accessibility requests:

  • about our Platform and/or services, please contact our us and we will let you know if we can satisfy your request.


Limitation of liability

1. To the extent permitted by mandatory consumer law, we’ll only be liable for costs you incur as a direct result of a failure on our behalf. This means, to the extent permitted by law, we won’t be liable for (e.g.) any:

  • indirect loss or indirect damage

  • force majeure or event beyond our control.

2. If you are in breach of these terms, to the extent permitted by law:

  • we won’t be liable for any costs you incur as a result, and

  • you won’t be entitled to any refund.

You may be protected by mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations, which guarantee you rights that no company’s terms can overrule. In that case, our liability is determined not just by these Terms, but also by any applicable consumer protection laws and regulations.


Check - In :      - from 1pm to 6pm Monday to Friday

                        - from 1 pm to 4pm Saturdays, Sundays                            and Bank Holidays

Check - Out :  - before 11AM

No check-in after the hours above. All reservations made after the office hours will be considered as a no show and will be charged 100%.

Please note that person booking needs to be over the age of 18.


Children are welcome as guests, no cots provided.


Insurance programme

Partner Liability Insurance

Our Partner Liability Insurance programme gives protection of up to £1,000,000 against third-party lawsuits or liability claims for bodily injury or property damage incurred during the dates of a reservation made through



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